Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Balloon Business

Is it just a childhood memory, or were balloons more commonly used in celebrations when I was growing up? I say this because in preparing for a co-workers baby shower today I was stumped finding a place with a helium tank to blow up pastel pink balloons! Finally, after going to several gift shops and pharmacies, I found balloons in an unlikely place....the hardware store!Fragers, a long running hardware store on Pennsylvania, sells every home improvement tool, rents heavy equipment (even disco balls for parties), house plants, paint, and apparently balloons! I was delighted to patron a locally owned hardware store rather than the CVS (who actually had a helium tank, but does not believe in refilling it once it runs out). I will have to post the history of the store/block it occupies once I do some research. Balloons are so great. Walking down the street with 10 balloons in your hand, nervous that one might slip away and drift up towards the bright blue sky is an awesome feeling. It's no wonder balloons are popping up in photos everywhere. Check out these engagement photos from Jess+Nate Studios.

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