Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thrifty Baby

In preparation for a baby shower tomorrow, I went to Monkey's Uncle in Eastern Market. Monkey's Uncle sells consignment kid's clothing. It might not be the best for a gift (I'm still up in the air about that, are new mothers very particular about what their baby's wear?). If I'm ever a mother I will definitely shop there! The prices are so reasonable. I never understood why a pair of baby overalls can be as expensive as a women's blouse, despite the fact that it takes about a quarter of the fabric! The sales person/believed-to-be-owner of Monkey's was very nice and the selections were well organized. The adjacent card store, Groovy DC Cards and Gifts had the perfect card: a stork carrying a boston terrier puppy! How perfect? What do you think about buying adult or children's clothes from consignment?

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