Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hillwood Estate

On New Years Day, Matt and I visited Hillwood Estate in northwest DC. I am not crazy about house museums, but Matt, having been to Hillwood before, convinced me that this is not one that I want to miss. He was right, the mansion, setting, and art collection was interesting, well maintained, and beautiful. The story behind Marjorie Merriweather Post's home turned museum and gallery was very intriguing. Her relationships may have been somewhat fleeting (she was married four or five times) but her dedication to her Russian and French art collection was a constant throughout her adult life. The pieces include intricate Faberge eggs and picture frames. At one point Matt and I couldn't believe that there weren't security guards all over the place to protect these one-of-a-kind items! I'm thankful for that though, we were able to enjoy the house and Post's collection at our own pace. I also loved that we didn't have to take a guided tour to see everything. The self guided brochure contained answers to all my questions and set the context for each space in the house. Of course, I walked away with questions, but that only makes me want to return to the home that much more!

The Dining Room still decorated for Christmas
They had a great temporary exhibit going on "pret-a-papier"- period costumes constructed of paper!

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