Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Turkey Day

Happy (day before) Thanksgiving Everyone! Life has been busy, and kept me from updating these past few days.

Thanksgiving has come very fast this year, and this is only my second Thanksgiving since I've been working full time. I always looked forward to breaks in college- no school!! But holiday breaks were especially nice since I knew that I was returning home to family. Now working, it's harder to keep the true meaning of this holiday in mind, so I thought I share a few things that I am thankful for on my blog!

First, I'm so thankful and blessed for my wonderful husband, Matt. He's a true partner in life and everything is just better when he's around. :) I'm thankful for my new family that marriage gave me. I'm glad we can spend the holidays mostly together this year and learn even more about each other.
Matt and I at Glacier Park

I'm so grateful for my family. Unfortunately, I won't be seeing them this year on Thanksgiving, but we will be thinking about each other and probably sending one another funny texts all day! I'm thankful for my friends who have become part of my family, and for new friends that Matt and I have met together since living in DC.

I'm thankful for the country that I live in. A place where there is so much diversity in people and nature; I feel blessed to have experienced this first hand on our honeymoon to Glacier National Park in August.

Cow moose and her calf in Glacier

Along with the big critters, I'm thankful for the small our dog Rex. He's the best snuggle partner anyone could ask for.

Rex, our snuggle bug

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