Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DC Day Trips: Historic Barns of Maryland

As the debut article in my series of DC day trips, I'd like to share Matt and I's latest experience in Southern Maryland...

This weekend me, Matt and Rex took a drive down Rt. 5 into Southern Maryland. This spur of the moment trip was inspired by a documentary I watched last Wednesday on the historic barns in Maryland. The state has more historic barns per square acre than any other state! However, Matt and I planned poorly, and we didn't get to see too many barns, other than the ones on the side of Rt. 5. They were primarily delapidated tobacco barns (which are still incredibly significant!). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98o2IJ13BhM

We also misjudged the scale on the map, thinking it would only take us an hour to get to St. Mary's City, it actually was going to take about 3 hours to get to St. Mary's. We only made it to St. Mary's County Visitor Center. The documentary is still so new, that when I asked about the historic barns the only information they could give was on a calendar (which they were out of) displaying photos of one barn for each month! I was a little disappointed, but while at the Visitor Center we learned about the Mary Surratt House Museum. We didn't have too much time, but we did swing by the museum on the way home. It's acually only 15-20 minutes from Capitol Hill.

With more planning, this trip would have been the perfect weekend getaway or daytrip from the city. I am eager to try again soon; and when I do I'll write back my findings!

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