Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Training for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

I have not yet mentioned that I am training for this run...perhaps, because I am a little intimidated. The last time that I ran a big race was the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon in September 2008. I decided to get back into running around January of this year- and how perfect a reunion would be around the tidal basin in DC while the Cherry Blossom Trees are blooming! I haven't been to the festival since I was a very young girl, so not only am I anxious about the race, but I'm ecstatic to see the trees and the blossom's reflection on the water. Matt tries to run with me, but he prefers swimming or yoga. On the longer runs he will ride his bike next to me along the streets and trails, and of course Rex is always down for a good run. I think he's sporadic pace actually helps with my agility and sprint training! I'd love to find a running buddy for the longer runs (8-10 miles!) because these can get a little boring, and it's easy to stop or turn around without someone there keeping you honest! What do you do for exercise? If you run in DC, what are your favorite routes? I usually stick to the Mall, or head towards Lincoln Park. Here is an article from a DC local sharing her favorite runs in and around DC.

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