Sunday, March 9, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness

Friday started as a normal and productive day. I worked out, worked on my applications for different jobs, and then quickly showered and got ready to meet Matt for lunch. He wanted to walk the trail around his office, and since it was a beautiful day, I immediately agreed. Our walk ended at the Green Mesquite! A BBQ joint around the corner from Matt's office. While we were waiting for our bar-b-que sandwiches at the counter, we started talking to the man next to us. He noticed Rex outside and was a fellow dog lover who has been in the area since 1968. We talked about our background and where we were from. He found out that I am looking for a job in preservation and spared no time getting on the phone with one of his friends who works for the State Library and Archives Division. He left me with her name and email, and told me to email my resume to her right away. I was blown away and in shock over his kindness and willingness to help! I'm not sure if it's a new place with new people, or if they are nicer, or if I am just now noticing since I am looking for a job, and with the exception of Matt, don't know anyone, whatever it is, I am thankful that there are still genuine, good people around.

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