Friday, January 17, 2014

Last Friday, but the beginning of a first...

Today is my last day at the AOC. It's so bittersweet. Matt and I are moving to Austin, Texas to begin the next chapter of our life together. I have enjoyed working with everyone at the Capitol, and can't imagine not seeing them on a regular basis.

One of my bosses has stopped in each day this week to say "It's your last Monday! Tuesday! ..." Every day this makes me sad to think that we are actually moving away from a place that has been so good to us, and has given us so much. Matt and I met, fell in love, and started our life together in this city, and it will always hold a special place in our hearts. But I have to think positively; yes, today might be my last Friday, but tomorrow will be the first day of our adventure out west together and that's pretty powerful. I can't help but draw the connection between the church calendar and the season of Epiphany. While planning my last Sunday School class, we talked a lot about new beginnings. Whether it's a new year's resolution, new job, new outlook, new relationship, or a new place... I think we have to be open to change because it can only lead to our mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Check out this cake that my coworkers made for my going away party yesterday!

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